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Editing Fees and Guidelines


As my editing jobs have become more numerous, I have updated my Editing Fees and Guidelines. My editing and proofreading includes checking for grammar, sentence structure, misspellings, and pointing out plot inconsistencies, etc. At this time, my base charge is $0.008/word, with a minimum of $50payable via PayPal. Editing jobs I am currently working on, received before May 1, 2014, will continue to be edited at the old rate.


 If your manuscript is less than 5,000 words please let me know and we can work out pricing. I prefer to set up appointments for your manuscript, but please, send your manuscripts to me as early as possible.  I can often work them in sooner than they are scheduled, but advance notice is much easier.


 I use Microsoft Word 2013.  I use the Track Changes application while I edit and leave the decision as to whether or not to accept those changes to you.  I also tend to leave extensive notes outlining the reason for specific changes, noting uneven or awkward sentence or paragraph flow, or even if I noticed something that just doesn’t feel right.


 Full editing is completed in one of two ways.  The first choice is that I completely edit the book and provide you with a corrected copy, highlighting changes and corrections and making when appropriate extensive notes. Your second choice is full editing. I take the book in hand, do all corrections and changes and provide you with print ready copy. The charge for print ready copy is $0.010/word.


Please note:  Books from authors who speak English as a second language, hence requiring a great deal more correction for grammar, or books with extensive re-write may be significantly more.  You may send me your book for pricing if you feel there may be extensive work needed on the book. Pricing available upon request.


After I have edited a manuscript, I will send it back to you. Once you have made changes, you can always send it back to me for a second pass at no charge. Please note: If second-pass changes are truly extensive, I will reserve the right to bill a second payment for the second pass. I want to be fair to you, but I also want to be fair to myself. Just as writing is difficult, though rewarding, editing a book in a manner that will make you proud of your final product is a lot of work.


For available books on which I have worked, please see my “i-edited” shelf on Goodreads. You may contact any of the authors with whom I’ve worked for a reference. I am also very willing to provide you a sample of my work to see if we are a comfortable fit. I can be easily contacted through Goodreads or by e-mail at soireadthisbooktoday@centurylink.net


I look forward to working with you!


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The Trading Society

The Trading Society - Eric   Martin For Marcus Cowle everything in his life revolved around business and the singular matter of making money, obscene amounts of wealth other men with similar aspirations only imagined of acquiring in fanciful, hopeful daydreams. – Eric Martin, “The Trading Society”

“There are no heroes...in life, the monsters win.”
― George R.R. Martin

“When bad things happen to men we say it’s terrible, but when bad things happen to women we say that’s just a cultural practice,” says Lou de Baca, U.S. Ambassador at Large, Office to Combat and Monitor Human Trafficking.”
- Nita Belles, In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States

Eric Martin ripped my heart out. He tore my soul and poured salt into the wounds. He ripped and shredded, and poured salt into the wounds. Listen to me. I sound like one of those sicko BDSM groupies, reveling in my own self-humiliation, don’t I? But I mean this in a wholly different way. A deep and heartfelt way that opens up my eyes and pours acid into my soul.

Martin has written a gripping, horrifying fictionalized book on the revolting subject of modern day slavery. As Siddharth Kara says, in Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery: “Every year, hundreds of thousands of women and children are abducted, deceived, seduced, or sold into forced prostitution, coerced to service hundreds if not thousands of men before being discarded.” It is easy to think of this as being a ‘foreign’ problem. Sure, it could happen in India or the Arabian countries, but it could never happen in the good old U. S. of A.!

R.i.g.h.t. Martin brings the problem home, setting his story in the Windy City itself, Chicago, the heart and soul of the Midwest. Set within the prestigious confines of Great Northern University, Martin pulls you deeply into his story, a story of politics and power, of horror and greed and brutal, bloody deeds beyond the comprehension of normal human beings. This is not just sex slavery, in all its horror. This is blood lust and brutality at it’s most savage. Savagery carried out by the wealthy and the privileged, those whose selfsame power places them beyond the reach of the law, beyond the reach of morality or honour. Further, this is a story of the people who provide the victims, as Martin writes, “. . .(who) dealt with clients of a prominent stature with refined tastes, men such as Commander Omega and Sheik Rahm, demanding quality merchandise of a higher grade. To obtain this fine product required precision and thoroughness in preparation.” These are men with no souls, whose only goal is to find the prettiest, the smartest, the most profitable young women, whose sale will enrich their own coffers by millions of dollars. Young women who can look forward to a short, sharp life of pain and brutality, humiliation, blood and savage death.

Martin doesn’t pull his punches in this book. He doesn’t wrap things up in a neat little bow and end it all with a happily-ever-after. He writes a very real thriller about a very real problem, and he does it in a manner that will literally take your breath away. I wouldn’t recommend this for the weak of stomach. Instead, I highly recommend this to the reader who is willing to go where many won’t – into the deepest, darkest corners of the human psyche. Who isn’t afraid to look straight into the eye of evil and accept the consequences. This book is, in so many words, amazingly brutal, horrifying and breathtaking by turns, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I have read many horror books over the years, but none of them can beat the horror that resides within truth.

Very highly recommended. Not for the weak-willed.