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Editing Fees and Guidelines


As my editing jobs have become more numerous, I have updated my Editing Fees and Guidelines. My editing and proofreading includes checking for grammar, sentence structure, misspellings, and pointing out plot inconsistencies, etc. At this time, my base charge is $0.008/word, with a minimum of $50payable via PayPal. Editing jobs I am currently working on, received before May 1, 2014, will continue to be edited at the old rate.


 If your manuscript is less than 5,000 words please let me know and we can work out pricing. I prefer to set up appointments for your manuscript, but please, send your manuscripts to me as early as possible.  I can often work them in sooner than they are scheduled, but advance notice is much easier.


 I use Microsoft Word 2013.  I use the Track Changes application while I edit and leave the decision as to whether or not to accept those changes to you.  I also tend to leave extensive notes outlining the reason for specific changes, noting uneven or awkward sentence or paragraph flow, or even if I noticed something that just doesn’t feel right.


 Full editing is completed in one of two ways.  The first choice is that I completely edit the book and provide you with a corrected copy, highlighting changes and corrections and making when appropriate extensive notes. Your second choice is full editing. I take the book in hand, do all corrections and changes and provide you with print ready copy. The charge for print ready copy is $0.010/word.


Please note:  Books from authors who speak English as a second language, hence requiring a great deal more correction for grammar, or books with extensive re-write may be significantly more.  You may send me your book for pricing if you feel there may be extensive work needed on the book. Pricing available upon request.


After I have edited a manuscript, I will send it back to you. Once you have made changes, you can always send it back to me for a second pass at no charge. Please note: If second-pass changes are truly extensive, I will reserve the right to bill a second payment for the second pass. I want to be fair to you, but I also want to be fair to myself. Just as writing is difficult, though rewarding, editing a book in a manner that will make you proud of your final product is a lot of work.


For available books on which I have worked, please see my “i-edited” shelf on Goodreads. You may contact any of the authors with whom I’ve worked for a reference. I am also very willing to provide you a sample of my work to see if we are a comfortable fit. I can be easily contacted through Goodreads or by e-mail at soireadthisbooktoday@centurylink.net


I look forward to working with you!


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Last Chance Hero - Hope Ramsay

It starts with a P, ends with a Y, and has a USS in the middle. Yep. Ross is one of those, Lucy and Sabina’s mom is an overbearing bulldozer, the Church Ladies of Last Chance are determined that because the local whacko, Miriam Randal has said that Sabina can’t “find her man” until after Lucy is settled, Lucy and Ross have to get married RIGHT. NOW. Lucy is a spoiled rotten brat with an attitude and an obsessive need to control everyone and everything – especially the man she supposedly loves – and he lets her (see first sentence). Oy. I really. Really. Don’t like these people!!!


Well, except for Sabina. I like Sabina well enough in a way, but darn it, she lets everyone run rough shod over her while she wallows in guilt about something that happened when Lucy was thirteen – and it wasn’t even Sabina’s fault. Oy.


There is a secondary story here, about a possible eco terrorist group but, sadly, I only made it 35% of the way through the book before I rolled my eyes so hard I pulled a muscle and had to go lay down. Well, not really, but I couldn’t bear to read another word without bouncing my reader off the wall. And seeing as how my reader is brand new, that wasn’t going to happen. The characters are in their mid-thirties and still living in high school!


I hate to stamp a DNF on a book, but this one did me in. Immature doesn’t begin to describe it. Oh Well. At least the cover is pretty.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I absolutely hated what I read of it.

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