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Editing Fees and Guidelines


As my editing jobs have become more numerous, I have updated my Editing Fees and Guidelines. My editing and proofreading includes checking for grammar, sentence structure, misspellings, and pointing out plot inconsistencies, etc. At this time, my base charge is $0.008/word, with a minimum of $50payable via PayPal. Editing jobs I am currently working on, received before May 1, 2014, will continue to be edited at the old rate.


 If your manuscript is less than 5,000 words please let me know and we can work out pricing. I prefer to set up appointments for your manuscript, but please, send your manuscripts to me as early as possible.  I can often work them in sooner than they are scheduled, but advance notice is much easier.


 I use Microsoft Word 2013.  I use the Track Changes application while I edit and leave the decision as to whether or not to accept those changes to you.  I also tend to leave extensive notes outlining the reason for specific changes, noting uneven or awkward sentence or paragraph flow, or even if I noticed something that just doesn’t feel right.


 Full editing is completed in one of two ways.  The first choice is that I completely edit the book and provide you with a corrected copy, highlighting changes and corrections and making when appropriate extensive notes. Your second choice is full editing. I take the book in hand, do all corrections and changes and provide you with print ready copy. The charge for print ready copy is $0.010/word.


Please note:  Books from authors who speak English as a second language, hence requiring a great deal more correction for grammar, or books with extensive re-write may be significantly more.  You may send me your book for pricing if you feel there may be extensive work needed on the book. Pricing available upon request.


After I have edited a manuscript, I will send it back to you. Once you have made changes, you can always send it back to me for a second pass at no charge. Please note: If second-pass changes are truly extensive, I will reserve the right to bill a second payment for the second pass. I want to be fair to you, but I also want to be fair to myself. Just as writing is difficult, though rewarding, editing a book in a manner that will make you proud of your final product is a lot of work.


For available books on which I have worked, please see my “i-edited” shelf on Goodreads. You may contact any of the authors with whom I’ve worked for a reference. I am also very willing to provide you a sample of my work to see if we are a comfortable fit. I can be easily contacted through Goodreads or by e-mail at soireadthisbooktoday@centurylink.net


I look forward to working with you!


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Great book, but the new cover from 2015 Reeks!

The Demon's Librarian - Lilith Saintcrow

 The original cover, from the edition published February 1, 2009, (the one you see here) is a much more appropriate cover based on the story. The silly paranormal romance style cover of the new edition, published July 31, 2015 is completely inappropriate to the strength of the storyline. So, ignore the new cover, ignore the Paranormal-Romance style blurb, and read the review instead. Then read the book - it's really good! Also, if you have this title in your library, see if it updates. This is the same book!

“Keep it secret. Keep it safe.” – Gandalf, Lord of The Rings: The Hobbit

“The books always make this stuff sound so goddamn easy. They don’t mention the smell. Or the way getting hit in the face with a tentacle as big around as your thigh hurts.” – Francesca “Chess” Barnes, The Demon’s Librarian

It is hard enough being a librarian when “the ‘good citizens’ of Jericho City would pay thousands yearly for plastic surgery and to pad the pockets of the mayor’s friends, they simply would not vote a couple of measly bucks onto their property taxes to take care of her library.” Nope. That is minor compared to having to track down a skornac in the sewers and kill it with a knife. Bloody tentacled demon was eating kids – what else was she supposed to do?!

But killing a skornac demon draws attention – attention that could very well make her a bloody librarian smudge on the ground.

I read Lilith Saintcrow’s Jill Kismet series several years ago. (Wow. Hard to believe 2008 was ‘several years ago’!), back before I started writing reviews, but I rated them four and five stars. Then? I just wandered away. So many books, so little time! So, when I had the opportunity to read The Demon’s Librarian, I was well pleased. It is nice to greet an old friend.

This book didn’t disappoint. Chess is one tough librarian. Since finding (or being found by) a sorcerous library hidden behind a magical wall in the basement of the Jericho City library, life has been, well, interesting. Interesting in the Chinese, “May you live in interesting times” sort of interesting. Interesting enough that she spends a lot of the time in the fight gym learning how to protect herself, and a lot of time in the basement learning sorcery. Then, things get truly, well, ‘interesting’ in a very bloody, very painful way.

When a tall, handsome, tweed-jacketed fellow comes into the library one day, walks straight to Chess, and asks for Delmonico’s “Demons and Hellspawn” – and when the Phoenicis Fang at her hip, the magical knife she created herself, goes hot and vibrates - she knows she has problems. What sort of creature is this? Certainly not human – he smells too much like demon for that. But what is he? Then, a demon tries to break into her apartment through her wards – and another creature attacks the demon, taking it out in a smelly, messy manner - all Hades breaks loose. Because it isn’t just demons she has to worry about. The Order of Dragons has their own knife to grind. And Chess is not only a newly-minted demon hunter. She could very well be more. And everyone suddenly has way too much interest in using Chess for their own purposes.

“I’m lost in a fairy tale. Why do they call them fairy tales, when there aren’t any fairies in them? Troll tales. Giant tales. Witches and gingerbread tales.”

I like Chess a lot. Her character is strong and tough – but not too tough. She is genuine. She holds her own against some really nasty creatures, but she also has the occasional “break down into a crying, quivering mess” moments that make her real. Yep, sometimes I wanted to shake her, but in her place? Uh. I wouldn’t be as brave as she is!

If you like Urban Fantasy with lots of blood, a creative storyline, interesting characters, and a solid storyline, this is one to pick up and enjoy.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. If you enjoy my reviews, please let me know by “Liking” my reviews on GoodReads and Amazon. Thank you so much!

Oh. The new cover. Well, see what I mean? Pft. The book is about the Librarian! Yeah, yeah. There is 'romance' in a way - but the story is much stronger than a PR. No sex included in this one, just a couple kisses. Goodie - Great UF! Not putting them down, just saying that this is More than that . . . the poor reviews seem to be from people who expected hot sex and PR instead of UF.

The Demon's Librarian
Published Jul 31, 2015

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